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About Me:
true big hearted guy with a kind of weird sent over it :-)sometimes neat on the outside but always dark on the inside
Favorite Music:
death, trash, speed BLACK!!! heavy favorites like sins of t. beloved the old dead tree really nice and grim! cradle kataclism death dimmu b, etc but it's possible also like him and even the party sqad hehe
Favorite TV Shows:
grim adventures of billy& mandy, south park old skool series of dukes of hazzard and asian screen movies on mtv,faces of death, even a lot more actually

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Bound to your side and trapped in silence

Just a possession

Is the sex or only violence

That feeds your obsession

You send me to a broken state

Where I can take the pain

Just long enough

That I am numb

That I just disappear

So go on and fight me

Go on and scare me to death

Tell me I asked for it

Tell me I'll never forget

You could give me anything but love

Anything but…

Geplaatst op 5 December 2007 om 9.29


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